Scarlet Bluet

(Enallagma pictum) (Morse, 1895)

Range: Extreme southern New Brunswick south to New Jersey

Habitat: Ponds with extensive floating vegetation

The state-listed (Threatened) Scarlet Bluet is one of several Northeast endemic bluets with a very restricted range. Though known from a number of sites through the mid and upper Cape, there are but two historical records from the outer Cape (north of Orleans): three individuals at Turtle Pond in Wellfleet on 7/10/90 (Carpenter, unpublished data) and seven individuals at Great Pond, Truro, on 7/7/99 (Gibbons, pers. comm.). The presence of multiple individuals at two sites suggests at least a small population was present at that time, but numerous surveys at both sites and elsewhere since have failed to detect the species. The apparent absence of the species within the seashore is puzzling, as its preferred habitat, ponds with extensive floating vegetation, is well represented. Further surveys for this distinctive species are warranted. The species has a summer flight season and should be looked for from early July through mid-August.

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