Pine Barrens Bluet

(Enallagma recurvatum) (Davis, 1913)

Range: Southern Maine south to New Jersey

Habitat: Vegetated ponds, especially those with Juncus militaris

The state-listed (Threatened) Pine Barrens Bluet is another Northeast endemic whose center of abundance is in southeastern Massachusetts; however it is more tightly restricted to the coastal plain than its congeners. Within the seashore it is found exclusively at kettle ponds with extensive vegetation, with a particular affinity for ponds with Military Rush (Juncus militaris). However, it is absent in Provincetown, even at seemingly suitable sites where Military Rush is present; reasons for its absence north of south Truro are unknown, but mirror the distribution of several other coastal plain specialists. It is an early flier, the flight season running from late May through early July.


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