Miscellaneous Odonate Images

This page contains photographs taken from various areas, including New Brunswick, Vermont, Florida, Alabama, Texas, and Mexico. Many thanks to Steve Krotzer and Giff Beaton for providing some of these photos. Thanks also to Sid Dunkle, Rosser Garrison, and Dennis Paulson for taking a look at some of the slides and trying to nail down identifications. If anyone has any thoughts about some of the yet-to-be-identified species, or questions the identification of any others, please let us know.


Cora marina (male) [Palenque, Mexico - Blair Nikula]

Calopteryx angustipennis (male) - Appalachian Jewelwing [Virginia - Blair Nikula]
Hetaerina cruentata (male) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Hetaerina occisa (male) (female) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Hetaerinapilula (male) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Hetaerina sempronia (male) [Mexico - Jeremiah Trimble]

Archilestes grandis (male) - Great Spreadwing [Jalisco, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Lestes sigma (male) - Chalky Spreadwing [Santa Ana NWR, Texas - Blair Nikula]

Heteragrion alienum (male) [Misol Ha, Mexico - Blair Nikula]

Mecistogaster ornata
(male) [Jalisco, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Pseudostigma species? (female) [Yucatan, Mexico - Blair Nikula]

Palaemnema domina (male) (female) - Desert Shadowdamsel [Arizona - Robert Behrstock]

Protoneura cara (male) (female) (pair) - Orange-striped Threadtail [ - Robert Behrstock]

Amphiagrion abbreviatum (male) - Western Red Damsel [Alberta - John Acorn]
Amphiagrion abbreviatum (female) - Western Red Damsel [ - Robert Behrstock]
Apanisagrion lais (male) - Black-and-white Damsel [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Apanisagrion lais (male) (female) - Black-and-white Damsel [Arizona - Robert Behrstock]
Argia alberta (male) - Paiute Dancer [ -Robert Behrstock]
Argia alberta (male) - Paiute Dancer [ - Robert Behrstock]
Argia bipunctulata (male) - Seepage Dancer [Florida - Blair Nikula]
Argia carlcooki? (male) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Argia eliptica? (male) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Argia extranea (male) - Spine-tipped Dancer [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Argia gaumeri (male) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Argia hinei (male) (female) - Lavender Dancer [Arizona - Robert Behrstock]
Argia lacrimans (male) (female) (pair) - Sierra Madre Dancer [Arizona - Robert Behrstock]
Argia leonorae (male) - Leonora's Dancer [Texas - Robert Behrstock]
Argia medullaris (male) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Argia nahuana (female) - Aztec Dancer [ - Robert Behrstock]
Argia oenea (male) (female?) (pair) - Fiery-eyed Dancer [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Argia oenea (male) (female) (pair) - Fiery-eyed Dancer [Arizona - Robert Behrstock]
Argia pallens
(male) (male) - Amethyst Dancer [Arizona - Robert Behrstock]
Argia pima (male) (pair) - Pima Dancer [Arizona - Robert Behrstock]
Argia pipila (male) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Argia plana (male) (female) - Springwater Dancer [ - Robert Behrstock]
Argia pulla? (male) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Argia pulla? 2 (male) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Argia sabino (male) (female) - Sabino Dancer [Arizona - Robert Behrstock]
Argia sedula (male) - Blue-ringed Dancer [Texas - Blair Nikula]
Argia tarascana (male) (male) (pair) - Tarascan Dancer [Arizona - Robert Behrstock]
Argia tarascana? (male) - Tarascan Dancer? [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Argia tezpi (male) - Tezpi Dancer [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Argia tonto (male) (female) (female) (pair) - Tonto Dancer [Arizona - Robert Behrstock]
Argia ulmeca (male) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Argia sp. 1 (male) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Argia sp. 2 (male) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Coenagrion angulatum (male) (pair) - Prairie Bluet [Alberta - John Acorn]
Enallagma anna (teneral female) - River Bluet [Alberta - John Acorn]
Enallagma antennatum (male) - Rainbow Bluet [Vermont - Blair Nikula]
Enallagma basidens (female) - Double-striped Bluet [ - Robert Behrstock]
Enallagma coecum (male) (female) - Purple Bluet [ - Robert Behrstock]
Enallagma clausum (female) - Alkali Bluet [Valentine, Nebraska - Blair Nikula]
Enallagma novaehispaniae (male) - Neotropical Bluet [Falcon Dam, Texas - Blair Nikula]
Enallagma novaehispaniae (female) - Neotropical Bluet [Texas - Robert Behrstock]
Enallagma semicirculare (male) - Claw-tipped Bluet [Arizona - Robert Behrstock]
Enallagma sulcatum (male) - Golden Bluet [ - Robert Behrstock]
Enallagma weewa (male) - Blackwater Bluet [ - Robert Behrstock]
Ischnura capreola (male) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Ischnura prognata (male) - Furtive Forktail [ - Robert Behrstock]
Leptobasis vacillans (male) [Palenque, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Nehalennia integricollis (male) - Southern Sprite [Florida - Blair Nikula]
Neoerythromma cultellatum (male) - Caribbean Yellowface [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Telebasis collopistes (male) [Palenque, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Telebasis byersi (male) - Duckweed Firetail [Florida - Blair Nikula]
Telebasis filiola (male) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Telebasis salva (male) - Desert Firetail [Mexico - Blair Nikula]



Tachopteryx thoreyi (male) - Gray Petaltail  [New York - Blair Nikula]


Aeshna multicolor (male) - Blue-eyed Darner [Valentine, Nebraska - Blair Nikula]
Aeshna psilus - (male) - Turquoise-tipped Darner [Arizona - Robert Behrstock]
Aeshna sitchensis (male) - Zigzag Darner  [New Brunswick - Blair Nikula]
Coryphaeschna ingens (male) - Regal Darner  [Georgia? - Giff Beaton]
Coryphaeschna viriditas (female) - Mangrove Darner [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Gynacantha nervosa (male) - Twilight Darner [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Triacanthagyna septima(?) (male) [Uxmal, Mexico - Blair Nikula]

Aphylla angustifolia (male) - Broad-striped Forceptail [Falcon Dam, Texas - Jackie Sones]
Aphylla williamsoni (male) - Two-striped Forceptail [Alabama - Steve Krotzer]
Aphylla williamsoni (male) - Two-striped Forceptail [ - Robert Behrstock]
Dromogomphus armatus (male) - Southeastern Spinyleg [ - Robert Behrstock]
Dromogomphus armatus (female) - Southeastern Spinyleg [Alabama - Steve Krotzer]
Dromogomphus spoliatus (male) - Flag-tailed Spinyleg [Falcon Dam, Texas - Blair Nikula]
Erpetogomphus compositus (male) - White-belted Ringtail [ - Robert Behrstock]
Erpetogomphus compositus (male) - White-belted Ringtail [ - Robert Behrstock]
Gomphus apomyius (male) - Banner Clubtail [ - Robert Behrstock]
Gomphus consanguis (male) - Cherokee Clubtail [Alabama - Steve Krotzer]
Gomphus dilatus (male) - Blackwater Clubtail [Georgia - Giff Beaton]
Gomphus externus (female) - Plains Clubtail [Valentine, Nebraska - Blair Nikula]
Gomphus gonzalezi (male) - Tamaulipan Clubtail [Falcon Dam, Texas - Blair Nikula]
Gomphus militaris (male) - Sulphur-tipped Clubtail [Falcon Dam, Texas - Blair Nikula]
Gomphus militaris (female) - Sulphur-tipped Clubtail [ - Robert Behrstock]
Gomphus minutus (male) - Cypress Clubtail [Georgia - Giff Beaton]
Gomphus parvidens (male) - Piedmont Clubtail [North Carolina - Steve Krotzer]
Gomphus rogersi (male) - Sable Clubtail [Alabama - Steve Krotzer]
Gomphus septima (male) - Septima's Clubtail [North Carolina - Steve Krotzer]
Ophiogomphus anomalus (male) - Extra-striped Snaketail [Maine - Billie Bessey]
Ophiogomphus anomalus (female) - Extra-striped Snaketail [Maine - Blair Nikula]
Ophiogomphus severus (female) - Pale Snaketail [Valentine, Nebraska - Blair Nikula]
Progomphus alachuensis (male) - Tawny Sanddragon [Florida - Blair Nikula]

Marcomia taeniolata (male) (female) - Royal River Cruiser [Georgia - Giff Beaton]

Helocordulia selysii (male) - Selys' Sundragon [Alabama - Steve Krotzer]
Neurocordulia michaeli (male) - Broad-bodied Shadowdragon [New Brunswick - Blair Nikula]
Neurocordulia michaeli (female) - Broad-bodied Shadowdragon [New Brunswick - Blair Nikula]
Somatochlora franklini (male) (female) - Delicate Emerald [Maine - Blair Nikula]

Brachymesia furcata (male) (female) - Red-tailed Pennant [McAllen, Texas - Blair Nikula]
Brachymesia gravida (male) (imm. male)- Four-spotted Pennant [Georgia - Giff Beaton]
Brechmorhoga praecox (male) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Celithemis amanda (male) (female) - Amanda's Pennant [Florida - Blair Nikula]
Celithemis bertha (male) - Red-veined Pennant [Florida - Blair Nikula]
Celithemis ornata (male_) - Faded Pennant [Georgia - Giff Beaton]
Dythemis fugax (female) - Checkered Setwing [Bensten S.P., Texas - Blair Nikula]
Dythemis nigrescens (male) (female) - Black Setwing [Anzalduas S.P., Texas - Blair Nikula]
Dythemis sterilis (male) (female) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Erythemis haematogastra (female) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Erythemis peruviana (male) [Palenque, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Erythemis plebeja (female) - Pin-tailed Pondhawk [Palenque, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Erythemis vesiculosa (male) - Great Pondhawk [Colima, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Erythrodiplax fusca (male) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Erythrodiplax minuscula (male) (female) - Little Blue Dragonlet [Alabama - Steve Krotzer]
Erythrodiplax umbrata (female) - Band-winged Dragonlet [Jalisco, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Idiataphe cubensis (female) - Metallic Pennant [Florida - Blair Nikula]
Libellula composita (male) - Bleached Skimmer [ - Robert Behrstock]
Libellula jesseana (male) - Purple Skimmer [ - Robert Behrstock]
Libellula nodisticta (male) - Hoary Skimmer [California - Robert Behrstock]
Libellula subornata (female) - Desert Whitetail [ - Robert Behrstock]
Macrodiplax balteata (female) - Marl Pennant [ - Robert Behrstock]
Macrothemis hemichlora? (female) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Macrothemis inacuta (male) (female) - Straw-colored Sylph [Colima, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Macrothemis pseudimitans (male dorsal) (male lateral) (female) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Micrathyria aequalis (male) (male) (female) - Spot-tailed Dasher [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Micrathyria debilis (male) [Yucatan, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Micrathyria didyma (female) [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Micrathyria hagenii (male) - Thornbush Dasher [Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Miathyria marcella (male) - Hyacinth Glider [Jalisco, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Micrathyria ocellata? (female) [Mexico - Jeremiah Trimble]
Miathyria simplex (male) [Jalisco, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Orthemis ferruginea (female) - Roseate Skimmer [Colima, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Paltothemis lineatipes (male) (female) - Red Rock Skimmer [Colima, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Perithemis domitia (male) - Slough Amberwing [Jalisco, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Pseudoleon superbus (male) - Filigree Skimmer [Colima, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Sympetrum rubicundulum (female) - Ruby Meadowhawk (western form) [Nebraska - Blair Nikula]
Tauriphila australis (male) [Palenque, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Tauriphila azteca (female) [Palenque, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Tramea insularis (? or possibly T.binotata) (female) - Antillean(?) Saddlebags [Palenque, Mexico - Blair Nikula]
Tramea onusta (male) - Red-mantled Saddlebags [Santa Ana NWR, Texas - Blair Nikula]
Uracis imbuta (female) [Palenque, Mexico - Blair Nikula]

1998 DSA Meeting Participants - Valentine, Nebraska [Blair Nikula]

Somatochlora Swat Team in New Brunswick [Jackie Sones]

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