Attenuated Bluet

(Enallagma daeckii) (Calvert, 1903)

Range: Oklahoma, Indiana and Massachusetts south to Texas and Florida

Habitat: Vegetated ponds

The distinctive Attenuated Bluet was unknown from Cape Cod until 2004 when Shea discovered the species at Herring Pond in Wellfleet. Over the intervening 15 years the population has expanded rapidly and it has now been recorded at 12 sites within the seashore. During the surveys it was found exclusively at kettle ponds with moderate to extensive emergent vegetation. (One record from a vernal pool involved a single male at a site adjacent to two kettle ponds.) The recorded flight season extends from mid-June through mid-August. This is a southern species at the northern edge of its range here and its recent expansion may well be a response to climate warming. Currently listed as Threatened by the state, its recent population growth may warrant de-listing

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